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A place where All developer community can get APIs, Scripts, Idea and share their thoughts about creating experiences and get updates from staff members.

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APIs empower developers to be more productive by reusing code in complex but repetitive processes. They don't need to start from scratch as the API specifies how to assemble software components in a program. APIs exist to make it easy to interface with other developers' applications.


scripting languages are interpreted, code can be developed and tested very rapidly. This makes it easy to try out new ideas and quickly see results, making scripting languages well-suited for interactive and exploratory programming.


Integration makes software development easier, faster, and less risky for developers. By automating builds and tests, developers can make smaller changes and commit them with confidence. Software developers get feedback on their code sooner, increasing the overall pace of innovation.


The ability of a system or component to function under stated conditions for a specified period of time.

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